Mutable T-Square with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn: ” Practically perfect in every way”

This seems to be the year of Mutable energy. Many of the aspects, solar and lunar eclipses, lunar nodes etc are in Mutable signs this year. The positive side of Mutable is the ability to adapt and change to changing circumstances, this is a vital ability that helps us to evolve and cope. The negative side is the flip-flopping, not wanting to commit to any direction, which can lead us to not manifest our goals and desires, which causes more frustration and inner tension. A Mutable T-Square is made up of two Planets in Opposition, here we have Venus in Pisces in the 9th house Opposing Jupiter in Virgo in the 3rd house, and both are Square a 3rd Planet, which is the focal point of the T-Square: Saturn in Sagittarius in the 6th house. The houses for this T-square are based on location in the Northern Hemisphere (Ireland) and the timing of today, and the houses may be different depending on your location and time.This Mutable T Square is occuring in Cadent houses- houses 3, 6 and 9. Cadent houses are about reorganizing and redistributing energy. Mutable T Square Venus, Jupiter and Saturn

My interpretation of this Mutable T-Square includes the Sabian Symbols for the degrees, the houses/Signs, and a shamanic perspective on the Sabian symbols.

Venus at 13 degrees Pisces in the 9th house: Sabian Symbol: “An Ancient Sword displayed in a Musuem”. Venus in Pisces is feeling a sense of harmony, embodying love and feeling a loving connection to others. Venus is exalted in Pisces, and this brings the positive benefit of this placement.

The Sabian Symbol is a an ancient sword, showing a connection to our ancestors, the battles that they have been through so that we can be here today. The sword can be viewed alchemically as a symbol of purification, it is also associated with protection in the form of Archangel Michael, and the buddhist view the sword as discrimination of thought, cutting away ignorance. Dane Rhudyar says the Sword in this symbol is the “ultimate spiritual weapon of our willpower” and states that this sabian symbol is the energy of the whole operating through the individual. Combining these metaphors, Venus at 13 degrees Pisces is embodying love and a sense of harmony by connecting to our ancestral stories, and cutting away that which is negative, toxic and not “in harmony” with the love that we are feeling. This is a protective alchemy of the mind.

The 9th house deals with our beliefs and intuitive thoughts, as we intuitively know the stories of our ancestors, and decide which we will keep, and which we will let go off, cutting through to form our own path.

Jupiter at 16 degrees Virgo in the 3rd house: Sabian Symbol: “In a zoo, children and brought face to face with an Organutan.” Jupiter in Virgo helps us to expand our awareness of the sacredness of ordinary, everyday life. Virgo is so practical, concentrating on the smaller details of our daily routine, and Jupiter expands that awareness so that we can connect to the sacredness of cooking, cleaning, having order in our lives, and being practical, which helps us to manifest what we want. This is the Mary Poppins Motto ” Practically Perfect in Everyway” that wants to manifest and can manifest when we change our viewpoint and make the mundane sacred.

Dane Rhudyar interprets this Sabian symbol as “karmic confrontation”  to face our hidden motives objectively. The Organutan is an interesting power totem, with the qualities and power of : connecting to the forest spirits and trees, solitude, survival instinct, ingenuity, creativity and gentleness. While I agree it represents a primal and animalistic force, I feel its meaning is more to harness these powers rather than confronting our karma. The forest and trees have great wisdom, they have millions more years of time here on earth than we do, and the only block is learning how to connect and communicate with them. Go out, take a walk in the forest or near some trees, and connect with the trees, open yourself to receive their wisdom. Accessing primal forces does not have to be combative, it can happen gently and creatively. Jupiter in the 3rd house concerns communication, and the analytical mind, which can gather communication from these resources, primal and earthy.

Mutable Opposition of Jupiter and Venus: The Mutable Opposition of Virgo and Pisces/3rd house and 9th house is a push-pull dynamic between the analytical, concrete mind and the abstract, intuitive thought processes, a balancing of the left/right brain functions, the inherent tension between dreams and reality, order and chaos, practical concerns and our fantasies of how it should be. Jupiter wants to expand the practical awareness, making the ordinary daily concerns sacred with creative ingenuity from our primal energy, while at the same time, Venus wants to embody harmony and love, cutting away that which is toxic to a harmonious existence.

Focal Point of the Mutable T-Square: Saturn at 16 degrees Sagittarius in the 6th house: Sabian Symbol: “Seagulls Watching a Ship”.  Saturn in Sagittarius is looking for the deeper or higher meaning to the constraints in our life. It also encourages us to cope with our problems, to be open-minded and explore our options. Saturn is challenging but also hard-working, and the 6th house is all about PRACTICAL- what works for our daily routine, what do we need to do to manage chaos and turn it into a practical order? Saturn in Sagittarius in the 6th house again reminds me of Mary Poppins, Practical(ly) perfect in everyway, and this is the focal point or path to integrate this Mutable T Square (both Venus and Jupiter are Squaring Saturn in the 6th house of practical every day concerns) is by embodying the Saturn in Sagittarius energy, into our every day life, in every way.

The Sabian symbol for 16 Sagittarius is usually considered to mean applying one’s intent to the task at hand, watching for opportunities and being ready to act when the time is right. The Seagull as a power totem encompasses freedom, adaptation, opportunities in strange places, survivor,communicating with deities, messages from spirit, stamina, fearlessness and cunning. To utilize this energy, we must be on the look out for opportunities from places we don’t usually look at. These new opportunities should be put to PRACTICAL use in our every day life and routine, to fully access and integrate this Mutable T-Square and be Practical(ly) perfect in every way. Let’s all embody our inner Mary Poppins and manifest what we need.

Summary: Using our willpower to cut through our inherited, ancestral patterns that are not harmonious to us in the now while at the same time creatively harnessing our primal creative force to overcome our karma, can be integrated through being open to opportunities around us and a practical approach to our every day issues and problems.





Womb Wisdom, excerpt from Shamanka: A feminine wisdom path

For such an important organ, there is very little scientific study and information about the womb/uterus. If you do a google search about the uterus, there are few studies and research about this amazing organ, and its normal function. In ancient matriarchal cultures, Priestesses and female shamans understood the importance of the womb. Bleeding monthly was a source of sacred blood, the life giving source and a potent force of healing. In Ayahuasca dietas in the Amazon, it is considered bad for the dieta if a woman is on her period. This is misunderstood as misogynist or anti-feminine, and I will explain the reason that I was told by Mother Ayahausca, or Mother Aya, for this.


During an Ayahuasca journey in Peru, I was just beginning my menstruation, and got an important teaching from Mother Aya about the womb. My previous journeys with Mother Aya had been loving, gentle after an intense purification of vomiting and diarrhea. This journey started with an experience of dying.  I was no longer sitting in the Maloca, a space for sacred ceremony,, everything became dark and I couldn’t see or hear. Then the visions started, I was no longer me, I couldn’t breath, I became light swirling and moving faster and faster and sounds like high pitched humming assaulted me. A part of my logical brain kept telling myself to breath but I couldn’t remember since I was light and sound, I was without a body. I was dissolving into the light and sound, yet a part of me resisted and knew I had to breathe.  I came back enough into my body to leave the Maloca, which is usually against the sacred nature of ceremony, breaking the circle, and once outside I could finally breathe. The trees and the side of the mountain held faces and beings all looking at me. Overlaying this was a red cellular pattern, and Mother Aya started talking to me. She told me she was angry with me for taking part of the ceremony when I was already in sacred space through my menstruation. Mother Aya said that the uterus is sacred and everything here is the uterus, projected out. Mother Aya brings us to this sacred womb space, so we can understand its fundamental nature- interestingly the word  fundus is the top of the uterus, opposite of the Cervix : Definition of fundamental and fundus:


Of or relating to the foundation or base; elementary: the fundamental laws of the universe.

  1. Forming or serving as an essential component of a system or structure; central: an example that was fundamental to the argument.
  2. Of great significance or entailing major change: a book that underwent fundamental revision.
  3. Of or relating to the lowest possible frequency or the lowest frequency component of a vibrating element, system,periodic wave, or quantity: a fundamental chord.
  4. Music Having the root in the bass: a fundamental chord.


  1. Something that is an essential or necessary part of a system or object.
  2. The lowest frequency of a periodically varying quantity or of a vibrating system.





  1. of, involving, or comprising a foundation; basic
  2. of, involving, or comprising a source; primary
  3. (Music, other) music denoting or relating to the principal or lowest note of a harmonic series
  4. (General Physics) of or concerned with the component of lowest frequency in a complex vibration


  1. a principle, law, etc, that serves as the basis of an idea or system: teaching small children the fundamentals ofroad safety.
  2. (Music, other)
  3. the principal or lowest note of a harmonic series
  4. the bass note of a chord in root position
  5. (General Physics) physics
  6. the component of lowest frequency in a complex vibration
  7. the frequency of this component


Noun 1. fundus – (anatomy) the base of a hollow organ or that part of the organ farthest from itsopening; “the uterine fundus”; “the fundus of the stomach”

anatomical structure, bodily structure, body structure, complex body part,structure – a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing; “he has good bonestructure”

anatomy, general anatomy – the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals

The reason that it is bad for a woman to take Aya during her period is this: You are already in sacred space, and by taking Aya during this time, you are breaking the sacredness you are already in, you are not honoring the sacredness of your menstruation and uterus. When we are bleeding, we are releasing sacred energy, and can release what no longer serves us too.  Taking Aya during this sacred process angers Mother Aya, and is why shamans today say it is bad or ruins the dieta if a woman is bleeding. In this teaching, I learned it’s not misogynistic at all, but rather a conscious honoring of the sacred state we are in during our menstruation. Plus, you don’t want to anger Mother Aya during a ceremony.


After I understood the mistake I made, and profusely apologized to Mother Aya, I was taken on a journey into the cellular nature of my uterus. I saw the cells of my uterus all around me, projected onto what my eyes were seeing. I was sending love, the nourishment to all around me, as all is my uterus and love is the most nourishing food I can give it. This is the source of my creative ability, my link to the divine, the access point of all things unborn into this world. The uterus is our stargate and we should honor and love it. It awakens when we start puberty, our menses, which is why puberty can be so confusing for females. We have this powerful stargate opening, and we are not taught how to handle or use it properly. This knowledge has been forgotten, we have fallen asleep, and it is time to reclaim this knowledge, for ourselves and our daughters.


Mother Aya told me to clean my uterus energetically, which I did in the journey. I was using my hands and softly rubbing the space around me, which was the projected cells of my uterus, a similar motion to the Reiki symbol Cho ku Re. I learned after this journey that many ancient teachings say we come into this world through the uterus, and that this world is also a uterus for the next world, just in a different form. This is the fractal nature of the universe, infinite wombs giving birth to new realities and dimensions which we experience.


Mother Aya told me that when we go through menopause, that is when we learn to harness the power of the stargate/uterus, and integrate the wisdom teachings. The bleeding stops, and we retain the wisdom, build it up and strengthen our inner knowing.


It can be so difficult to treat everything as our uterus and shower it with love. There are many things that we cannot love, are unable to love since they cause so much suffering. As Mother Aya taught me, we don’t have to love and accept everything we have created here. She can express anger and outrage, and so can we. She can trigger purging, releasing toxins, and so can we. What is left after the purge, is love. We need to take responsibility for what we have created, but we also have the power to release it and let it go. This may be only within ourselves, but that is where our power lies, within ourselves. Trying to change others is just another illusion or distraction, caused by previous creations. The buddhist teaching of focusing on the self, changing the self is the only truth and power that we have.



  1. Journey to your Uterus: do a thirty minute journey to your uterus. Make your intention, it can be to heal your uterus, to cleanse your womb, to connect to the stargate in your womb, to learn sacred knowledge from your womb, connect to your creative aspect held in your womb, or whatever intention that you feel you need to do.
  2. When smudging with sage or other sacred plants, set the intention to smudge your womb, visualize it as projected outwards around you, and smudge/cleanse.


Note: I am currently writing a book on shamanic wisdom for female shamans. I will be self publishing this book and putting excerpts from this book on my blog.


Trine-tastic! Stellium in Pisces Trine the Moon in Cancer

Screenshot 2016-03-17 at 10.51.14

There is a Stellium in Pisces today- 4 Planets- Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Venus, plus the Centaur Asteroid Chiron. Venus is just out of orb to be involved in the Trine with the Moon in Cancer. Stelliums concentrate energy in that sign (or house) bring a unified force of the planetary energies in that sign.

Pisces is a mutable sign, changeable and sometimes fickle, the two fish that represent Pisces depicts its changeable nature. The positive aspect of mutable signs is the ability to be flexible- to adapt to changing circumstances. Pisces is the most mystical and perhaps hardest to define zodiac sign. Sensitive, compassionate and highly psychic, Pisces can also turn into unfocused, neurotic and submissive energy too, due to its mutable nature.  We can get lost in this psychic sea of unknown dimension, so remember to keep anchored and grounded during this intense energy.

“I believe” is the key phrase for Pisces, and the desire to transcend human experience and connect with a higher, idealistic energy is a strong component of the Piscean energy and the age of Pisces which we are just finishing, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, where social reform and a humanistic approach is more prominent.

Each Planet in the Stellium is supporting or working together with the other planets. Neptune rules Pisces, a Planet connected to the Sea, transcendance and dreams, and it’s energy is strongly enhanced in its own sign. Neptune in Pisces allows us to tune into and feel the undercurrents of what is happening around us, the intangibles are brought more into focus and we can sense clearly what is going on under the surface. I expect that many of you had intense dreams recently, take note of them because they will give you deep insight into your Psyche. Mercury in Pisces is opening up a bridge of communication between this intangible, dreamscape and our conscious mind and thoughts. Prepare for many insights, downloads of information and a deep understanding of your own psyche and other’s psyche with this Stellium. Chiron is exact with Mercury, so much of the information that we are receiving has to do with our wounded self, past life issues, trauma we experienced as a child or all of the above. Sun in Pisces is driving is activating our empathy and ability to adapt emotionally to any situation and to change our goals in life according to this new information that is coming to us from the unseen world of the unconscious. Venus in Pisces is directing us to allow us to feel everything at this time- this is not the time to stop certain uncomfortable feelings, and to learn to love those aspects of ourselves that we have hidden, even from ourself! This merging of the unloved aspects of ourself will help to bring us into a wholeness and balance.

All of this intense Piscean energy is supported by the Moon in Cancer, a Water Trine. Water Trines are emotionally supportive, a harmonious and fluid energy, and the Moon is perfect in its home sign of Cancer to give us that nurturing and supportive energy. What do you need to feel secure? What makes you feel at home in yourself? How do you feed yourself energetically? Where do you need protection? These are questions that the Moon in Cancer will help you answer, it is the internal Mother archetype wanting to nurture and support her children with love, protection and nourishment- food and emotional nourishing. Moon in Cancer can handle the psychic flow of information coming from the Stellium and Pisces, and allow you to incorporate that energy into your being in a loving and gentle way.


Mutable Grand Cross: Integrating chaos for a healing revolution

Mutable Grand Cross

Are you feeling confused, in chaos with all the extreme energies and astrological energies recently? You are not alone, its been extremely intense with the Solar eclipse releasing a lot of pent up negative energy that we had to release, but also made us vulnerable to soaking up negative energy too. Today, we have another extreme planetary alignment, happening between the Solar eclipse last week and upcoming Lunar eclipse: a Mutable Grand Cross involving Mercury, Chiron, Neptune, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and the North Node. We also have 4 planets plus Chiron in Pisces, and while the Sun is in Pisces, I did not include it in my analysis of the Mutable Grand Cross since it is just out of the orb range of this cross.

The last time we had a Mutable Grand Cross involving this many planets is in 2013 (courtesy of LeoKing astrologer). If you keep a journal, you may want to look back on 2013 and see what issues were occurring during that period. Mutable Grand crosses are considered a HEALING grand cross, with the Virgo/Pisces axis very strong in this cross. Mutable signs resist motion in a particular direction, which generates a restless energy, setting up frustration. You have your goals and desires and want to move forward, but there is difficulty in moving forward and following through on your goals. Mutable signs have an inherent flexibility and ingenuity which needs to be accessed in a positive way to achieve results.

This Mutable cross today is occurring in CADENT houses (3,6,9 and 12) associated with mutable signs. Cadent houses redistribute and reorganize energy (Howard Sasportas: The Twelve Houses) and help us to redefine our character, beliefs, mind, goals and career.

The challenge of a Grand Cross is to integrate the “four legs” of the cross, which has the potential to release a huge amount of energy bound up in this aspect towards a productive healing for us. Basically we can utilize this cross to integrate CHAOS into a HEALING REVOLUTION for ourself.

Grand Crosses are made up of oppositions and squares- each a leg of the cross. Let’s look at the oppositions first:

VIRGO/PISCES  and 3rd house/9th house Opposition

Mercury, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the 9th house opposing Jupiter and North Node in Virgo in the 3rd house.   Mercury in Pisces is seeking to build a bridge of communication between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, that is related to an original wound (Chiron) that we carry today that is not fully healed which is probably related to something in our early childhood or family dynamics, and we are looking for some guidance using our intuition, dreams or digging up our past history or knowledge we learned in the past through Neptune to understand this process. We have to be careful with this intense Pisces energy that we don’t “drown” in spiritual fantasies or beliefs that are not actually true, but “feel” true.

Jupiter conjuncting the North Node encourages us to create a broad philosophy/spirituality or way of thinking through interaction with others that may not think in the same way we do, this is an opening up of the mind process, and with Virgo energy, we want real, tangible results that are of service to others, that help the community we are a part of. I wrote an earlier blog about Jupiter retrograde conjuncting the North Node and that this was activating us to heal our addictions and any addictive issue that was currently affecting our health, physical and mental. This process should be finished by the summer solstice.

The challenge of this opposition (3rd house vs. 9th house/Virgo vs. Pisces) is to integrate a real or true belief that is of service to others rather than integrating or devolving into a spiritual fantasy that helps no one, not even ourself. Mutable grand crosses are about reorganizing energy, and sometimes our beliefs about our past may not be as true or real as we think. Its also possible that changing our view of our past history and wounds is what we need to do to move forward in our life. Rewriting our story is a powerful healing technique: no longer are we the victim of abuse, but we are now a champion and master of healing.


The second opposition in the grand cross is Saturn in Sagittarius (6th house) opposing the Moon in Gemini (12th house). This aspect only has two planets, but they are powerful planets. Moon in Gemini in the 12 th house is truly trying to understand our unconscious mental needs, the secretive nature of our mind that is mostly hidden from us. I feel that the Moon is encouraging us to analyse (Gemini) our empathy and the hidden core of ourselves- what drives us to transcend the personal and merge with the transpersonal.  (12 th house)

Saturn in Sagittarius in the 6th house focuses on our health and attitudes to work. Saturn can over stimulate this area, so be careful about not becoming obsessed about your health/body either. How do our beliefs and philosophy affect our health? How does our body respond to the belief systems we are currently thinking? What do you believe in? These are questions that Saturn in Sagittarius will throw at us, while also affecting us physically with the 6th house placement. What you think over and over again, will impact your body eventually. There is a feeling of wanting to be pragmatic our our beliefs and intuitive functions in this placement. We are looking for our intuition and belief systems to help us in practical ways, not deter us or be empty fantasies that lead no where.

The challenge of this opposition (6th house vs. 12 house/Gemini vs. Sagittarius) is to integrate a pragmatic intuitive philosophy with a true and grounded empathy. Our intuitive and empathic functions are wanting to be grounded in something useful and purposeful which will not allow this energy to just dissipate and utilise it to move forward in our goals.

SQUARES: The Squares in the Grand Cross are sources of tension or frustration, but mutable squares are flexible and willing to engage to relieve the tension.

3rd/6th house square: Jupiter and North Node Square Saturn: over thinking health issues will cause frustration and block ability to make real progress.

3rd/12th house square: Jupiter and North Node Square Moon: frustration can occur over whether you are having a true or real insight or are just confused, going into chaos. Conscious mind may be battling the unconscious mind, but learn to be empathic while being grounded and practical in this process.

6th/9th house square: Saturn in Sagittarius Square Mercury/Chiron/Neptune in Pisces: tension caused by moving from one topic/thought/idea to another with out resolving or finishing things fully. Best not to focus on the idea that there is one issue that will solve everything, which is usually a fantasy. Tension between reasoning and beliefs. Wanting to heal wounds from the past that affect your health.

9th/12 house square: Mercury/Chiron/Neptune in Pisces Square Moon in Gemini: Tension can occur by going too deeply into the unconscious energy, which may lead to believing things that are not really true, but that you may unconsciously believe to be true. You can reach an higher understanding if you are able to remain focused on being analytical about your unconscious mental process.

This is a powerful aspect with the potential to turn chaotic energies into a personal healing revolution, rewriting who you are, and reorganizing key aspects of yourself.



Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces: Healing and Nurturing our Inner Child

“Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control. Let us focus at the inner drum, where the rhythm aligns with that of our heart. The measure of responsibility, equals to the need for evolution. Just listen, the inner child, let it whisper in your ear.”
Grigoris Deoudis

Solar Eclipses can be difficult to handle for Empaths. There is a lot of release of negative energy by the collective, which we can sense. The usual energy is interrupted by the Eclipse, and we can absorb this negative energy if we are not aware, mindful and actively avoiding this. If you are feeling emotionally low, this time leading up to the eclipse should be spent in nature, by yourself, tuning into your higher self and inner guidance.

New Moons in Pisces are usually considered a “low tide”, an ebbing of the emotional body, and we may be feeling a bit more negative as we head into this Solar Eclipse on March 8th/9th, which occurs at 18 degrees Pisces. If you look at your natal chart, you will be able to tell which house/area/planets will be triggered to cleanse from Solar Eclipse.

This Solar Eclipse is close to Chiron in Pisces (20 degrees)  and Ceres (15 degrees). Chiron represents the unhealed parts of our soul that we came with into this incarnation to heal. We may have carried this wound for many lifetimes, and any healing of these wounds is a powerful event seen in that context. This Solar Eclipse can be used to release negative energy we have been carrying associated with this wound, releasing emotional patterns around this wound. A powerful affirmation such as ” I am whole and healed” is also beneficial, as it focuses on the positive and healed state, rather than the wound. At the same time, ignoring that we have wounded soul parts does not help either.

Ceres is the asteroid associated with nurturing and children. I feel this eclipse asks us on the one hand to release any negative emotional programs, constructs and thoughts around our inner child, and to secondly to restart with a new way of nurturing our inner child, that brings the inner child joy, pleasure and full expression of its creative powers. Our inner child deserves to find a positive and nurturing outlet for its creative expression.

If you have deep soul wounds or inner child wounds, this is the perfect time to access healing that. Set the intention to heal these wounds, and you should see the manifestation or the cycle finishing by the next Solar Eclipse in September.

Atlantis Asteroid: Healing Past Life Trauma in Atlantis

Recently I have been connecting with clients who had past lives in Atlantis. Many starseeds first came to Atlantis or Lemuria when they incarnated on Earth in this dimension. Both of these highly evolved cultures clashed and basically destroyed each other many thousands of years ago, creating a lot of past life trauma from those incarnations.

Looking at the current planets, the Atlantis Asteroid is at 19 degrees Pisces, 1 degree orb from Chiron in Pisces at 20 degrees.  This configuration is also in opposition to Jupiter (retrograde, 19 degrees Virgo) and the North Node (21 degrees Virgo). This is a powerful healing configuration and we can tune into this energy right now to heal past life trauma from Atlantis.

Chiron is energizing the Atlantis asteroid to bring healing and mastering of healing. We may be getting healing through our dream and the astral plane, and also dreams surrounding the issues of the past life trauma we may have experienced in Atlantis.  Pisces energy  in general is very psychic and healing. The trauma we experienced in that past life may have been with us for many incarnations, a repeating pattern of an unhealed wound, that we can now address and finally heal.

Jupiter is retrograde, so the planet of abundance is turning inward, to work on internal issues as a way of bringing abundance outwardly. When Jupiter conjuncts the North Node, we are inclined to examine our belief systems and philosophy and can trigger the inspiration to change our mental patterns. In opposition to Atlantis/Chiron, we may experience a push/pull between healing our past life traumas while also updating our belief systems, philosophy, mental patterns. Its okay to go back and forth in this process, just look at it as healing psychic wounds and then updating your processing system to a higher level.


Faeries and the Full Moon February 22nd

The Full Moon on Monday February 22nd is also called the Snow Moon, Ice Moon or Wild Moon in Wiccan tradition, and is at 3 degrees Virgo. The sabian symbol for 3 degrees Virgo is “Two Guardian Angels“.  With all the energy shifts and geomagnetic storms, solar flares, which seem to really affect Empaths, Indigo’s and Starseeds, its good to know that our Guardian Angels are there helping us.

In addition, this Full Moon is conjuncting with the Royal Star Regulus, the Watcher of the North, and connected to Archangel Raphael, who is the supreme healer in the angelic realm. Regulus was at 29 degrees Leo, a male associated sig, until 2011 when it entered Virgo, a female associated sign. Virgo calls us to help others, to be of service to others, and healing of the divine feminine energy in all of us. Ask Archangel Raphael to send you healing on this Full Moon.

For starseeds, Regulus is the place of origin of the Fae, the Sidh, Unicorns, Mermaids and magical creatures. This is a time of great magic, healing and connecting to these magical creatures! I suggest doing a crystal grid and meditation or journey to connect with the faeries, mermaids or unicorns. They are also wonderful guides and power totems.  Make sure your cyrstals can soak up this magical full Moon energy.

Energy Report©-February 17th, 2016

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles


Dear Beautiful Souls! (EMPATHS~Special Report)💖

We are currently in a shift of releasing, purging and forgiveness. ALL that is no longer serving your higher purpose and the purpose of all is being brought to the surface to heal and release. As we approach the Full Moon on February 22nd this will intensify as full moons assist us in this process. You may enter a shadow phase closer to the 22nd to force you into this process if you’ve neglected doing this work in the past. All imprints from previous lifetimes and this lifetime are and have been surfacing for you to heal and let it go. Forgiveness of others and more importantly yourself is key to this process. See it through the eye of great lessons learned to bring you to here and now. Allow yourself to live in the moment, quiet your mind and balance the energies…

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Solar Alert- February 16th-18th (Cosmic Shift Updated)

Thank you! Was feeling the Solar Flare effects!

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

1455042889403GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS: Earth is entering a stream of high-speed solar wind, and this is causing G1-classgeomagetic storms around the Arctic Circle on Feb. 16th. This is not the CME we have been waiting for since Valentine’s Day. Instead, the solar wind is flowing from a coronal hole on the sun, shown here in an image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Coronal holes are places in the sun’s outer atmosphere where magnetic fields spread apart and allow solar wind to escape. The outward flow is traced by white arrows in the image.

Last night, as Earth was entering the stream of solar wind, “lovely coronas exploded overhead,” reports Sarah Skinner of Abisko, Sweden. “I took this picture from inside a Sami structure at our location.”


More lights are in the offing as Earth moves deeper into the stream of solar wind. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance…

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Polarization Alert! Saturn Conjunct The Great Attractor

The Great Attractor is a gravitation focal point in the Galactic Supercluster Laniakea, and like streams in river, it is pulling or attracting other galaxies, such as our Milky Way towards it. On the astrological chart, it sits at 14 degrees Sagittarius, and does not move from that point.

Philip Sedgewick has done the most astrological research on what the Great Attractor means in a chart. Basically, it is a polarization point, where intense emotions are stirred up- strong love or strong hate. People who are born Dec 6-8 will have their Sun usually conjunct the Great Attractor, and it can indicate that they polarize people, others either love them or hate them.

In 2016, Saturn will conjunct the Great Attractor in February, May and November. This will be a time of polarization for us along Saturnian and Saggittarian themes. Saturn is the teacher, the planet that challenges us, that tasks us to work harder, and can also represent an authority figure or aspect of our energy. Sagittarius is a philosophical sign, interested in higher knowledge, education, freedom, travel, adventure.

On a collective level, there is a polarization occurring, and it is one of philosophy or belief systems, and we see it played out in the current politics locally and worldwide, in religion and religious beliefs, and belief systems in general- do we help others or just ourself?  Strong emotions about beliefs will be intensified with this conjunction, you will love to hate, or feel extremely divided about people and experiences. You may feel you don’t have a choice in this experience, that you must be either love or hate. There may be a grain of truth in this, but if you are not wanting to be polarized into either category, you have free will to choose, but it will be challenging to remain neutral with this conjunction!